Creating a tripod of balance and allowing the energy to circulate

As with any practice, from cooking to construction, meditation is enhanced by proper tools.

When your focus is on your meditation, rather than particular discomfort in places in your body from your sitting posture, your meditation can open you to a new, aware place.

When meditating, the body should be open, balanced, and grounded. You should feel relaxed but alert. Using the ergonomic and centuries-old design of the Zafu cushion you can ensure you’re creating the perfect foundation for meditation to occur.

Sit with your spine in the centre of your Zafu cushion, gently cross your legs, and rest your knees on the ground. Choose the position that’s most comfortable for you (Burmese, quarter, half or full Lotus). Straighten the lower part of your back, tuck forward your hips, and extend your chin and neck outwards and upwards. This should bring your ears in line with your navel, shoulders and torso over hips. Relax your shoulders and make room for the breath. Your posture should be centred and balanced, leaning neither to the left or right, forwards or backwards.

The cushion creates a stable tripod of your lower body while aligning your spine, which activates the reticular system in the brain, creating an alert mind.

Meditation is, in its simplest form, the practice of looking at life directly without filter to do this, you must create a space for the awareness to inhabit

The human body is neither flat nor perfectly curved. Without proper support, your body will succumb to the shape of the surface on which it rests. Meditating while sitting directly on the floor can cause the legs, hips, spine, shoulders, and head to be out of alignment, causing discomfort and a detraction from the awareness needed for meditation.

A Silence is Luxurious Zafu mediation cushion will naturally improve your posture, allow your breath to flow, and energize your experience. Proper meditation posture allows the space for direct, non-judgemental attention to your meditation by eliminating distraction and encouraging a return to proper posture.

Zafu cushions are used to balance being comfortable and relaxed, yet alert. The use of a cushion means your hips and gently raised, making any cross legged sitting meditation position more stable. Your focus can remain on your mind, rather than what is happening with your body.

Ensure your meditation practice is an active process, with clear awareness, in a pure state.

A renewable product bringing grounded, comfortable meditation

Buckwheat hull works with the meditating body, not against.

It conforms beautifully to the shape of the individual, resulting in a comfortable, stable sitting position and correct posture.

Buckwheat has movement within its casing so can feel similar to sitting on beach sand. It gives a grounded feeling that can be remoulded every time you sit.

Cushions filled with a buckwheat hull do not flatten nor necessitate fluffing. Buckwheat does not require breaking in and will last for decades.

All buckwheat used to create Silence is Luxurious meditation cushions is chemical free, renewable, environmentally friendly, and hypo allergenic. Buckwheat is a fruit, not a grain, so will not irritate those with grain allergies nor retain dust mites. It remains warm in winter and will cool in summer and provides good air circulation.

A buckwheat filled Zafu cushion will provide you with the stillness required create a sacred meditation space.